LEED certification

Constructora Chufani is committed to preventing and reducing pollution associated to the construction of industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, being one of the pioneering companies in our country regarding sustainable construction and energy savings.

It has been a member of the USGBC (US GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL) since 2010. It has accredited professionals in company and has built Platinum, Gold and Silver LEED® certified projects. LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a certification system of sustainable buildings internationally acknowledged, whose primary focus is energy savings, reduced water consumption, reduced CO2 production and waste management during the construction process.

Projects with Leed certification



Constructora Chufani has the distinctive “Empresa Socialmente Responsable” because the president of the board, directors, managers and all the personnel representing Constructora Chufani have established a commitment with the company, the environment, collaborators and suppliers in order to provide a continuous improvement in our soci al environment, all this based on the standard ISO 26000.


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Constructora Chufani is a proud member of “Super Empresa”, this year Constructora Chufani obtained the #68th place as one of the best companies to work in Mexico in its category of less than 500 employees, where our biggest commitment is the human capital, being a key piece in the organization, where leadership, motivation, honesty and social responsibility are essential to keep growing on a daily basis.