Occupational Health and Safety - OHSAS 18001

Constructora Chufani is certified in the Occupational Safety and Health management system since 2011; identifying hazards and preventing risks, injuries and illnesses for our workers is our goal. Meeting our certifications' and customers' requirements and the legal requirements and implementing best practices in health and safety is a priority for Constructora Chufani.


Quality - ISO 9001

Constructora Chufani has been certified in the ISO 9001 quality management system since year 2004. This has led us to implement improvements in work discipline, construction management and in the design and engineering of industrial, commercial and institutional buildings. It is our purpose to continuously monitor and improve o ur processes, delivering world-class projects to our customers.

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Environmental - ISO 14001

Constructora Chufani is certified in the environmental management system ISO 14001. This international standard certification allows us to identify and monitor the environmental impact of our construction processes, in order to take sustainable actions, promoting the care for the environment surrounding us.

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